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Our company specializes in creating and promoting websites around the world. The main goal of our work is to make your site more efficient.
We do not seek to earn on you. We aspire to earn with you!

Our advantages

  • Reasonable prices
  • Experience more than 5 years
  • Execution of the contract
  • The personal manager
  • Discounts for complex services
  • Minimal terms
  • Monthly reporting
  • Convenient work patterns

Our services

  • Website development
  • Promotion of sites in Ukraine
  • Site audit
  • Promotion of sites abroad
  • Reputation Management on the Internet

Website development

This section of services includes the development of design and the creation of sites.

With us you can order a full complex of works on creation of your business in a network “on a turn-key basis”. The huge experience of our programmers allows, without exaggeration, to affirm:

“We are able to fulfill any customer requirements for functionality, adaptability, design and scale of the online project.”

Website development is a very time-consuming and long-lasting process, while we clearly represent the scope of necessary work and guarantee compliance with all the terms prescribed in the contract.

Site is the “face” of business.

Most Ukrainian companies are already represented on the network, have their own websites and get profits from attracting new customers. But the IT market is constantly evolving, offering its customers more opportunities to increase the degree of loyalty of potential customers. A modern resource, created in accordance with all requirements and recommendations of the PS, will not be left without attention.

The professionalism of website developers largely determines how successful this or that site will be.

Promotion of sites in Ukraine

The main purpose of promotion of the site is to increase the number of visitors and customers of your business. In order to make your site popular and recognizable, we use only safe and proven methods of promotion.
Work on promotion is conditionally divided into two stages: internal optimization and work with external factors affecting the position of the site in free search.

Internal works include:

  • technical optimization of the site;

  • search engine optimization.

Work with external factors includes:

  • work on the correction of the site’s link profile;

  • setting up web analytics systems for the site.

The experience of our specialists allows us to guarantee the achievement of top positions on target requests as soon as possible. At the same time, we offer only honest and convenient schemes of cooperation. If you are looking for a reliable partner for reasonable money for development of your business online, we are the ones you need.

Site audit

Seo-audit – verification of the site for the presence of shortcomings, preventing from the growth of positions on promoted search queries, as well as the development of recommendations for the elimination of identified problems.
There are several types of audits (checks) of the site, depending on the final goal they are distributed to:

  • express audit;

  • search audit (Seo-audit);

  • technical audit;

  • usability audit;

  • audit of reference mass;

  • audit of the text part of the site;

  • complex site audit.

Each of the SEO-audits has its differences and features. Having chosen the right service, you will receive only useful information that will help to make your site convenient, effective and popular among users and search engines. The company’s specialists have huge experience in the implementation of audits, we will be happy to share it with you!

Promotion of sites abroad

Our country got a unique chance to become a part of modern European society. For many Ukrainian companies, new markets and new prospects opened. The number of business representatives is growing, which understand the need to promote their sites in European search systems, since the English-speaking segment of search demand is much larger than the Russian-speaking segment, and a sufficient number of competitive advantages allows you to squeeze competitors’ sites into the top of the SERP without much effort.

As a rule, clients, turning to foreign SEO companies, face very high prices and communicative barriers. This is not surprising, since the level of prosperity (GDP) in English-speaking countries is higher than in Ukraine. Therefore, advertising budgets for the promotion of sites that local contractors want to receive are also much more than domestic.

The specialists of our company have sufficient experience in promoting websites abroad and are ready to offer you the required range of works at an affordable price.

Reputation Management on the Internet

Many companies represented on the Internet market face with untrue and outdated negative feedback, which cause significant damage to business reputation, which leads to significant financial losses. At the same time, representatives of companies do not always know how to behave in this situation.

In case of negative feedback, you should contact our managers to find out how to solve the problem. At this stage of the development of search engine algorithms, objectively there are only 3 effective methods for removing negative feedback from the top issue:

  1. Use the form to remove outdated information from Google.
  2. Contact the owners of sites containing negative information and reasonably ask to remove unwanted content.
  3. Work to identify and replace negative information in the SERP.

The final cost of this service can vary significantly depending on the volume, sources of negative information. The more search queries for which you need to dislodge non-truthful information from the top of the SERP, the more time our specialists will need to create a positive or neutral information background.

Why us?
Work experience over 6 years
Systems approach
Reasonable prices
Guarantees of prisoners in the contract

About company

The company "SEO-Evolution" more than 6 years working in the field of IT, covering the development, promotion and technical support of sites. We provide a wide range of services - from design design to complex audit, which makes it possible to identify barriers that impede the successful development of our clients' websites.

The high level of our responsibility to our partners and a reasonable pricing policy have allowed us to gain a good reputation as a reliable partner among our customers. Our services are of high quality and availability for all those who are ready to put their business on the Internet.


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