Express site audit

Express-audit of the site - a comprehensive check of the main factors, influencing the promotion of the resource, optimization and other key indicators. This procedure is faster than the others, as it is superficial.

Express-audit of the site gives the opportunity to:

  • Outline the directions for which work is to be done;

  • Get recommendations on critical errors and site problems that influence its efficiency in the context of the chosen topic;

  • Get information about the factors that need to be paid attention to for further development and promotion of the resource;

  • Find out the reasons of getting into the filters of search engines.

It is recommended to order express-audit of a site:

  • Before starting the resource. An objective analysis from outside experts will help to identify problems that can influence the efficiency of the site;

  • Periodically to assess the quality of the work of the resource. It gives an opportunity to monitor the current situation and make changes timely;

  • When making significant changes in the design, navigation, global changes in the code. It allows you to determine the direction where the work should be done to achieve better results.

The affordable cost of express audit gives the opportunity to use this service to sites of any level.

Advantages of express audit

Analysis in a short time

Affordable cost

Volumetric report

Individual approach

Complex of works on express site audit

A quick check of the resource affects the following points:

  • Checking the main parameters of the site. TIC, PR, indexing of pages and other indicators, low level or complete absence of which will have a negative impact on the promotion of the resource;

  • Analysis of site content. Checking the quality of texts, images and multimedia materials for uniqueness, and also relevance to the subjects of the resource. Definition of the semantic core, the density of keywords. Calculating the correlation of code and content. The quality and correct structure of the content is one of the most important parameters of the resource demand;

  • Audit of site code. Identification of errors in the code, excessive complication, lack of compression, the presence of a large number of files with CSS and JS. This influences the ranking and speed of the resource;

  • Analysis of basic statistical parameters. Indicators of attendance, conversions and other parameters that provide an opportunity to identify bottlenecks and assess the relevance of the resource in terms of its direction;

  • Analysis of a site in the SERP. Determination of resource positions for key queries. Identification the reasons for the low position in the SERP;

  • Audit of site design. Checking the design of the resource in terms of speed and user perception. Identification of factors that have a negative influence on its efficiency;

  • Minimal usability audit. Checking the convenience of working with the site, searching for information, implementation of key actions. Recommendations for the elimination of weak spots;

  • Audit of site structure. Analysis of the resource map, the location of the page levels, the convenience of searching information of interest to the client, the availability of relinking.