Creating a site ``turnkey``

Creating a site "turnkey" requires all stages of the development cycle of the web resource. The result of the work will be a correctly functioning page. It will be hosted and listed in the search engine catalogs.

Having made the decision to order the creation of a site "on a turn-key basis", you will conclude a contract where the complex of provided services will be stipulated. We will teach you how to use the chosen control system. You will have the opportunity to promote the web resource independently or delegate this task to specialists of Seo-Evolution.

'Turnkey' site creation is the best solution for projects that require individual solutions, unique design and optimal UX to achieve the client's goals. We will take into account your wishes. A ready site will stand out against the background of competitors. Thanks to us you will not repeat their mistakes.

The cost of the service includes the whole complex of works. We guarantee the absence of additional costs due to the solution of additional tasks. Starting to create a site "turnkey", we initiate full-scale step-by-step planning of all stages of the project. A carefully designed sequence of work will provide an opportunity to optimize the terms of development and integration of the resource.

Why us?

Exclusive author's design

Creation of high quality sites

Individual approach for each client

Adequate prices and terms

The main stages of creating a site ``turnkey``

In the process of developing an Internet resource, our specialists carry out the following types of work:

You will voice your own vision of the site, the purpose of its use, the nature of the tasks and the desired results. We will study your business, analyze the activities of competitors and present an optimal offer. The obligatory stage of cooperation is the conclusion of a contract reflecting our obligations, terms and guarantees.

The technical task is formed, prototyping is carried out. At this stage, the work is distributed, a team is formed for the operational implementation of the assigned tasks, optimal technologies are chosen.

Our designers will develop a unique layout that takes into account the current trends of UX, the specificity of the resource and the aesthetic component. A ready-made design project will give an opportunity to create a user-friendly interface.

It is writing a valid code based on the layout. Frameworks, preprocessors, libraries accelerate the development. The result of the work will be a scalable, easily managed resource with the ability to replace individual modules without critical layout problems.

Based on the wishes of the customer and the features of the resource, an optimal control system will be chosen. All code is written on the server side. It provides data exchange with the client part and feedback.

Based on marketing research, audit of competitors' activities and site orientation, SEO-optimized, user-friendly content is created. We will present an effective semantic core, providing a qualitative internal optimization of the resource.

All functionality is tested and subjected to stress-loads on a separate server. This gives an opportunity to confirm the stability and speed of the resource.

The turnkey development package includes hosting (server purchase) and registration the site in the catalogs for further promotion. We will carry out the full complex of works necessary for the most convenient subsequent development of the resource.

You will receive a working, correctly configured web resource.

"SEO-Evolution" is a reliable partner that will create a profitable website.