Development of a business card site `` turnkey``

Development of a business card site is an optimal solution for small and medium business. It is affordable and contains all the necessary information. On 1-10 pages the information about the company, products provided and the form of a feedback are placed. This format of the resource contributes to business promotion at the local and regional level.


What opportunities a business card site has:

  • a well-thought-out SEO campaign ensures the promotion of the brand on the Web. On condition of the qualitative implementation (design, content, functionality), the customer will receive interested customers who have accomplished the target action (registration, purchase, order of services);

  • feedback tool. Through a special form customers can leave their wishes and comments. This will allow to choose a further direction for improving the product (goods, assortment, service);

  • the opportunity to present visually their products. A separate section with photos will help customers to decide on the appropriateness of ordering goods and services.

Creation of a business card site has the lowest cost relatively to other business-friendly resource formats. Its creation takes a minimum of time. You can use ready-made solutions, as well as order an individual design and functionality.

Why us?

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Setting statistics and analytics

Stages of developing a business card site

The sequence of actions when developing a business card site does not differ from the creation of larger resources, however the number of works is significantly reduced:

On the basis of the wishes of the customer and the signed contract, the main functionality is developed, as well as the prototype site.

According to the prototype and TT, all elements of the resource are rendered. A layout is created. The business card site should emphasize belonging to your business, invoke to perform the target action and get the necessary information. That's why such resources have an exclusive design of medium and high complexity.

The layout is transfered into a browser-friendly code. We use adaptive, valid, cross-browser layout, chosen taking into account the nature of the target audience. In most cases, the realization of all possibilities is not necessary. We use reasonable solutions, saving the customer's money. When the static page is created, the dynamic part is programmed. It revitalizes the resource and provides the best UX.

Back-end - one of the most difficult stages of the site. We carefully set up the resource placed on the hosting, we create a convenient and understandable control panel for administration, we achieve the optimal work of the site in the format of the approved budget.

It is writing a high-quality, SEO-oriented content, placing photos and video materials. The success of the promotion of the resource depends from the implementation of this stage.

The control group checks the functionality and usability of the resource. Stress testing is carried out. We go to the next stage of the implementation of the tasks after the error correction.

The result of the work done will be a ready to use business card site and information on administration.

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