Development of Landing page

Landing page - an effective tool for promoting goods, services or brand. It helps to achieve high results (2-3 times higher than those of sites with excellent structure).

Landing page - resource with one or several pages, where information about the product, services or company is placed. Maximum efficiency is demonstrated by sites with a carefully worked out design, offering the target audience information and opportunities to perform the target action (ordering services, purchasing goods). This format is designed for promotion on the Internet. It is filled with qualitative, semantic and useful content.

"SEO-Evolution" practices an individual approach to each client.

We take into account:

  • goals and features of the customer's business;
  • needs and weak sides of the target audience.

The customer receives a decision promoting his business effectively and attracting interested customers. The implementation of this task is the result of the work of competent specialists capable of successfully completing the most difficult projects. A qualitative selling page will help you to get a high profit.

Why us?

Modern marketing design

Adaptive layout

Technical support

Analysis of competitors and the target audience

How is the Landing page created?

Representatives of different fields of activity take a decision to order Landing page:

  • production. Enterprises that are searching for new channels for marketing their products;
  • retail. Landing page - a powerful tool of business, focused on private buyers;
  • services sector. Travel agencies, banks, hotels, beauty salons and other organizations that provide services to private and legal entities;
  • The realization of an expensive and unique product. Beautiful landing page will be a worthy frame for exclusive products.

Stages of creating landing pages. What do specialists from SEO-Evolution do?

It is the development of a site structure that can provide the maximum conversion based on the requirements and features of the customer's business. Extensive knowledge in the field of Internet marketing improve the quality of implementation of the tasks.

It is analysis of the needs of the target audience and the formation of a unique commercial offer that will help to attract and retain potential customers.

We will create an exclusive design that corresponds to the nature of the technical task. It will simplify the performance of targeted actions.

Our experts will write a high-quality code. The modern technologies contribute to the proper implementation of the tasks set. They provide an identical appearance of the resource in all browsers and optimization for different sizes of device screens. We guarantee the validity and simplicity of refactoring in case of necessity of making changes on the front-end side.

The site will be hosted on the server. We provide convenient tools for managing the contents of the resource. They do not require deep knowledge in the field of programming and layout. The server part is connected for information processing and operational interaction with customers.

It means placement of texts attractive to search engines (SEO) and clients (useful information, stimulating to perform target actions). We will offer unique, relevant media content with subsequent integration on the site.


The operation of all functionality of the resource is initiated. Increased attention is paid to the convenience of use and stability under stress loads.

Landing page – важный инструмент продвижения бизнеса. Добейтесь успеха с «SEO-Evolution».