Development of corporate site

The corporate site is a full-fledged platform for the promotion of the company on the Web. This is a powerful tool that helps to attract customers, as well as interacting with partners and customers.




The extensive functionality of the corporate site gives an opportunity:

  • to place comprehensive information about the company;
  • to promote goods;
  • to publish actual news and materials about everyday life, achievements and plans for further development of the company;
  • to have a dialogue with customers. The presence of contacts, feedback forms and a blog with open comments provides an opportunity to understand the wishes of customers and make a personal offer. Accessible communication increases trust. This has a positive influence on the company's reputation;
  • to provide a strong brand support;
  • to give customers the opportunity to book goods and services, to reserve seats on events.

The presence of a corporate website is a sign of a stable, large company that welcomes innovations and uses modern technologies to expand the target audience. Proper promotion of the resource will increase brand recognizability. This will make its products or services more in demand. A corporate website is the optimal solution for a new business and the transfer of the activity of an existing company to the Internet.

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Stages of developing a corporate site

Qualitative development of the resource is carried out in several stages. This procedure requires the involvement of specialists from the field of design, Front-end, Back-end and SEO-optimization.

A qualitative website can be obtained using a ready-made, tested template, adapted for a specific company. If complex and non-standard solutions are required, development from scratch is carried out.

Obligatory stages of creating a corporate site:

The customer voices his wishes regarding the functionality, appearance and other features of the resource being developed. A commercial offer is formed, reflecting the terms and cost of the project. A contract is signed.

During the discussion, they develop key aspects and functionality of the resource. Prototyping is carried out.

Based on the technical task and the prototype, the designer creates a page layout of the resource. The quality of the implementation of this task provides usability and comfort of the guest on the site. 

The static (HTML5, CSS3) and dynamic (JS) part of the code of each page are written. We guarantee valid, adaptive, cross-browser and accessible layout taking into account the target audience. For example, if the majority of visitors use desktop applications - creating a mobile version of the resource will be a waste of time and money. It is enough to make the resource adaptive.

Corporate site is a complex project. For effective management it is recommended to use CMS. This will allow the resource owner to create new pages and forms, as well as make changes and new functionality, excluding the need for deep work with the code. Work on Back-end is one of the most difficult. The qualitative realization of the set tasks will ensure stable operation and popularity of the resource.

Primary content (images, text, video) is formed. This stage significantly affects the promotion, especially in the competitive business. We will provide quality SEO regardless of the complexity of the project.

The control group checks the functional of the resource. Stress loads are carried out to determine its stability and eliminate possible errors.

The result of the work done will be a ready-made corporate website that corresponds to the approved technical task.

After the launching of the resource, you will get the opportunity to use the support and promotion services from SEO-Evolution.