Development of an online store

Development of an online store - the opportunity to move to a new level of sales. Now many offline companies are trying to transfer business into the Network. Fresh statistics show a 65% increase in online sales. Last year, the market turnover was 18 billion UAH. Up to 7 million people visited the largest retailers.

The e-commerce sector is developing rapidly, demonstrating a steady increase in complex economic realities. People often do shopping online, which confirms the convenience of this type of shopping.

Having decided to order the development of the site, you will offer your goods or services to a huge number of people. Proper marketing will become a pledge of solid profits while reducing costs. We have extensive experience in implementing projects of varying complexity. Our clients receive standard and exclusive variants of business promotion on the Web.

Everyone can earn money on Internet commerce. It is enough to start with a site that is convenient for clients, stable and properly promoted. We will help to create a resource corresponding to current trends. It will provide high conversion and will be easy to manage. Your business is waiting for rapid development, due to a high-quality consulting at every stage of its withdrawal to the Web.

Why us?

The analysis of the market and competitors

Individual design

The newest technologies of development

Convenient control panel

Stages of developing an online store

The development of an online store is a complex and lengthy process, which consists of the following series of steps:

Formation of the commercial offer and the signing of the contract.

At the pre-project stage we will study your wishes and business features. Based on the information received, the format of the future site will be formed. We have enough experience in creating effective online stores. This helps to make them convenient for potential buyers.

Having analyzed your wishes, we will formulate a commercial offer with approximate cost and terms. Upon reaching an agreement, a contract is signed. 

Working out the User Case, prototyping, creating a design concept

We will formulate a list of requirements for the functionality of the resource. They will help to realize your requests and provide maximum comfort for customers.

A prototype is created, complemented by the requirements for the functionality of the client and server side. A technical task is formed on the grounds of which further development is carried out.

At the design stage, the user interface takes shape. Thought-out layout is a guarantee of convenient use of the site.

Website layout and Front-end programming.

The developed design is transfered into a browser-friendly code. Using modern technologies HTML5 and CSS3 provides an aesthetic appearance of static pages, stable operation and adaptability. More than 50% of purchases are made from mobile devices, so a convenient interface on different screen sizes is critical.

The client side is animated with JS and jQuery. Effects are connected, thanks to which the site becomes dynamic and more informative. 

Installation of CMS, adaptation, connection of back-end functional.

The site management system is installed on the chosen hosting. A mock-up layout and dynamic elements are connected to it. At this stage, all the functionality of the server part is set up - processing and storing data, interaction with goods and the basket of the online store. 

Testing the site and submitting the project.

The control group tests the resource. Stress loads are initiated. We provide exceptionally well-functioning websites. After the launch of the project the resource is maintained to achieve the targets. 

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