Website Upgrade

Modernization of the site remains a demanded service. It gives an opportunity to optimize its work, and to remove errors and barriers that prevent conversion.

Technologies are constantly developing. Periodically, the solutions appear that accelerate the work of the resource (for example, transition to https). Usability increases (the ability to make purchases faster and easier), the design trends change. To attract new visitors and keep regular ones, the site must develop, opening new prospects and improving current functionality.

Modernization of the site is a matter of security. Obsolete versions of CMS are vulnerable to attack. The result of using irrelevant solutions will be the leakage of customer personal data. This can worsen the reputation of the resource.

We will upgrade the site of any level of complexity. The cost of work is determined by the amount of the tasks. Our clients receive favorable offers.

We will make your website comfortable and modern. It will become an effective tool for your business. The result of the work done will be faster, more attractive resource, capable of increasing sales and attracting new visitors who perform targeted actions.

Why is this necessary?

Improving the structure of the site

Updating the design

Eliminating technical errors

Extending functionality

Key areas of site modernization

Modernization of the site is an individual task. We regularly face classic problems (non-working links, inefficient architecture) and subtle errors, which worsen the work of the resource. Our priority is a personal approach and careful analysis of the client's wishes.

Modernization is carried out after a detailed study of each problematic aspect to identify the most effective strategy for action.

Thanks to us will improve:

Optimization of the resource for specific business tasks. Formation of a set of measures that contributes to improving the efficiency of the resource from the point of view of marketing.

Formation of a clear hierarchy, elimination of excess nesting, removal of "dead" and harmful links. We structure the available information. It will become more accessible to the user.

Deleting ineffective texts. Filling the resource with qualitative materials answering the questions from customers. High-quality informing will attract and hold the audience.

Adding new features based on customer needs — simplifying the selection of the order, cost calculators, setting up resource links with product bases.

Reduction of the chain of actions necessary to achieve the result required by the client - the purpose of the site (sale, call, subscription). Optimization of the interface for the convenience of users of different devices.

Design revision to better match the purpose of the site. Creating a design that can solve the tasks set by the client.

Identification of errors in the site code, removing unnecessary elements, optimization for faster downloads. Resizing images.

We will take into account all the features of your business, the target audience and the tasks assigned to the resource to ensure a better result.