Development and creation of websites

Development and creation of sites - a set of works aimed at the formation of a web resource corresponding to the customer's goals (Internet sales, promotion of goods, attraction of customers, marketing of promotional materials). The World Wide Web is an extensive platform, which is regularly used by millions of our compatriots. They are able to become your potential customers. The availability of the site will give an opportunity to develop and do business, guided by the trends of the 21st century.

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The number of sites on the Web exceeded 1 billion. Every month their number increases by several million. Your competitors are sure to use the World Wide Web as a platform contributing to the implementation of their goals.

It is not enough to create a website to attract customers. It should be convenient, fast and efficient. It can be done by the specialists of our studio. They will study the features of your business and make an offer that will help to achieve high results as soon as possible.

Stages of development and creation of websites

The development of a web resource begins with a discussion of the needs and analysis of the client's activities. This gives an opportunity to understand how the resource should function and what tasks it will perform. An online store is created to trade through the Internet. Operative communication with the company is provided by the business card site. Promotion of a product or service is facilitated by a landing page that clearly demonstrates the benefits of cooperation.

After discussing the details a technical planning is implemented, a technical task is formed and a primary prototype is created. At the conclusion of this stage and a detailed analysis of the project requirements, the creation of a resource begins:

The visual appearance of a website is indissolubly connected with the nature of the solved problems. The layout is created taking into account the peculiarities of using the resource. This will provide maximum comfort for the client and the visitor. Our design will help you to achieve your goals.

The client side is created. The work is carried out using modern technologies of web development. This provides an opportunity to get a scalable, flexible, easily managed resource, the development of which will take a minimum of time.

A ready layout is installed on the selected CMS. The functionality, which is necessary for the interaction between the client and the server side, is connected. We will set up hosting and provide training on resource management.

Qualified SEO-specialists and copywriters will present the textual part of the resource. The modern methods of internal promotion and construction of the semantic core contribute to the qualitative realization of the tasks set for the website..

Before delivery of the site, we analyze the functionality, availability and stability of the resource. Stress tests and other checks are carried out.

We will hand over a ready, correctly functioning resource with a convenient management system. You can do it yourself or order support from our specialists.

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Our projects

We created a lot of interesting, and most importantly successful Internet projects and suggest to get acquainted with them. Perhaps you are already using the sites that the programmers of our company have developed:


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