Promotion of a site with articles

The essence of the article's promotion of the site is reduced to placing new, unique articles on thematic, authoritative Internet resources written under the anchor (word in the text, clicking on which, the user goes to the page of the promoted site). Unlike the method of promoting rental links, promotion with articles does not require compulsory monthly replenishment. If you decide to stop cooperation, links to the site will remain.

This method of promoting the site is considered to be the most secure. Links to the site are placed on new pages, indexed on them by the search robot at the first indexing of the page itself.

This particularity makes the website promotion of the site with articles as natural as possible for search engines and, eventually, allows to achieve high positions on competitive requests in the free search engine.Продвижение сайта статьями

As for the disadvantages of this method of promoting the site, it can be a significant period of time through which the pages will begin to transfer the reference weight to the promoted site.

The peculiarity is that the amount of reference weight that a donor page can transmit to a promoted site depends on a number of factors, the main ones of which are:

  • The "age" of the link on the page is the period of time during which the link on the page is available for indexing to the search robots.
  • Indicators of the authority of the page for search engines - Titz and PR, the higher these figures are, the more weight the page can transmit.
  • The volume and the content theme (textual information, pictures, videos, etc.) on the page.
  • The degree of optimization of the donor page and the donor site as a whole, etc.

It means, at the first stage, it is possible to get more reference weight with the help of rental links, while saving on the reference budget. Promoting by articles requires iron nerves and patience. For comparison, when promoting in the classical way, the result is achieved after 2-3 months, and when promoting by articles, after 5-6 months. At the same time, investments at the initial stage with the promotion of articles are much higher. 

Advantages of promotion of a site with articles

Maximum natural promotion of the site

Guaranteed result

Qualitative characteristics of the reference mass

Minimization of the risks of sanctions

Cost of website promotion

The cost of the website promotion is calculated on the basis of the list of promoted search queries and the analysis of the competitive environment in the thematic niche. After that, the company's specialists form a medium-term resource development strategy and calculate the budget for site promotion. 

The criteria that determine the budget for website promotion:

The more sites seek to occupy the top-10 search engine results, the more difficult it is to promote the resource. You should understand that the existing search demand is already being worked up by your competitors and moving them in search may not be as easy as you would like.

The more search queries you need to promote, the more links you will need. With the increase in the number of queries the expenses and labor-consuming part increase, as a result, the budget for article promotion is growing.

The less technical shortcomings on the site and shortcomings of search engine optimization are, the more effective the website promotion is. The presence of shortcomings leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the reference mass. In the promotion of any site an integrated approach is important, which includes working with both internal and external factors affecting ranking.

The more qualitative links the site has at the moment of the beginning of work on the article promotion, the sooner the effect will appear. If the site is new, work on increasing the reference mass is carried out according to the strategy, developed on the basis of the analysis of reference profiles of competitors' sites.