SEO-design is aimed at the formation of the structure of the site. It should match the requirements of search engines, actual at the time of working on the resource, as much as possible. SEO-design is the development of correct nesting of pages, clustering (distribution of requests) and allocation of the weight necessary for each of them. The result of the work will be the finished tree of the site with the relevant content. Having decided to order SEO-design at the stage of resource development, you will exclude the need for substantial processing of its structure, when this procedure becomes excessively expensive.

There are no ready-made solutions and templates that apply to all sites. This is due to the constant development of search engines, changing priorities and complicating algorithms. The direction of the resource, the number of competitors and the demand for the proposed product (goods, services, information, interaction opportunities) have increased importance .

SEO-design is recommended to be carried out at the site development stage. This procedure is initiated, guided by the desire to adjust its structure and content part according to the current requirements of search engines.

Why do SEO-design?

Competitive structure

Contemporary design

Relevant content

High usability

Stages of SEO-design

The effectiveness of design depends on the experience of selected SEO professionals. This is due to the need to correctly analyze research data - competitors, semantics and other parameters. Search engine algorithms are not publicly available. Therefore, the effectiveness of promotion is influenced by correct analysis and understanding of the behavioral factors of a potential visitor.

Stages of SEO-design:

Considering the changes in the resource and its position in the SERP of similar subjects, it is possible to make primary conclusions about the effectiveness of the technologies used. A deeper analysis will help to identify the blocks of each page that have somehow affected the conversion, transitions and position of the site in the SERP.

We will introduce a semantic core corresponding to the requirements of search engines (keyword density, direction, frequency of use). On its basis the relevant content of the site will be formed for filling the pages.

Internal optimization is carried out. The weight between the pages is redistributed to obtain the required positions in the SERP.

Creation of a site prototype, on the basis of which design development, layout and connection of the functional will be carried out.

As the resource is available, it is recommended to correct its structure and content periodically. This will help to meet the current requirements of search engines, fit into the structure of new pages, as well as exclude old methods that have lost their effectiveness.

Experts of SEO-Evolution constantly study the algorithms of search engines. Considerable experience in design and optimization contributes to the qualitative realization of the set tasks.

Entrust SEO-designing our company. Take leading positions in the SERP.