The fixed amount for the promotion of the site

Choosing such a method of cooperation, as "promotion of a site for a fixed fee," you should clearly understand what advantages and disadvantages of this scheme.

The essence of the service is payment by the client of a fixed amount for the promotion of the site. The cost of works can not be changed unilaterally and, as a rule, remains unchanged throughout the entire time period of the contract.

The fixed amount for promotion of a site gives some freedom of actions to the contractor. Because, the main task is defined, and the way to achieve it can vary at the discretion of the performer. Such a specificity, undoubtedly, should be attributed to the advantages, since the optimizer, based on the specifics of the resource, budget and competitiveness of requests, determines at its own discretion the most optimal strategy for website promotion.

In addition, the availability of a clear amount for the payment of work for the month, enables the customer and the performer to plan the expenditure part of the budget in advance.

Advantages of this type of cooperation

Fast and stable result

Fixed budget expenditure

Comprehensive approach to work

Affordable price for promotion

As a rule, the promotion of a site for a fixed amount includes the use of all available ways to improve the position of the resource in the organic search, available within the budget. A comprehensive approach to the work on promotion, of course, gives a faster and more stable result.

Optimization of the site, when working for a fixed amount, does not differ much from optimization under other schemes of cooperation and includes:

  • Forming a list of the most targeted search queries (the formation of a semantic core).

  • Analysis of the main competitor sites for targeted search queries in the organic SERP.

  • Development of recommendations for optimizing the site, in order to align it with the requirements of the rules of search engines.

  • Work with external factors, influencing the position of the site.

  • Monitoring the visibility of the site for targeted search queries in main search engines. 

Cost of work

The formation of a budget for promotion in each case is carried out individually and largely depends on:

  • Current degree of technical and search engine optimization and site;

  • Frequency and competitiveness of search queries.

The more search queries you want to promote, the more the cost of work will be.

The higher the frequency of search queries, that you have identified as target queries, is, the greater the cost of works to promote them will be.