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Without exaggeration it can be confirmed that the Internet has become the foundation for the creation and development of many Ukrainian companies. Some of them sell products through the World Wide Web, some use it to make their products popular among the broad masses of the population. There are many goals, but at the end, all of them face the need to promote their sites in popular Ukrainian search engines - and

On how successful this process will be, the future of the whole company depends directly!

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The formation of the financial component of the budget for the promotion of the site is based on the following criteria:

  • Competitiveness of search queries. (The more sites are trying to occupy top positions on a particular request, the more difficult it is to promote it to the top).
  • Frequency of request. (The more often users enter a specific query in the search string, the more frequent it is.) According to the frequency requests, top positions are occupied by "quality", "authoritative" sites).
  • Number of requests (The more requests are, the more work needs to be done).
  • Degree of optimization of the site (The better the site is optimized at the moment of the beginning of its promotion, the less the amount of necessary work and the time to reach the top positions is needed).
  • Age of the site (The more the age of the site is, the more "credibility" from the side of the search engines and less time to achieve the result it has).
  • Website Attendance (The higher the site traffic is, the less time and money will be needed to promote it to the top by targeted queries).

We are ready to promote to the top sites of any subject and size!

Choosing us, you choose the best price / quality ratio in the Ukrainian it-market.

Our advantages:

  • Huge work experience
  • Convenient schemes of cooperation
  • Available, reasonable prices
  • The minimum possible time frame for achieving the result
  • Qualified and polite staff
  • Full range of Internet marketing services

Why is this necessary?

Improvement of positions in the search

Inflow of target visitors

Sales growth

Brand awareness increase

Thinking about the promotion of the site, you should clearly understand what a website promotion is - a set of works aimed at improving the site's position on targeted search queries in free search.
For a person who already makes efforts to popularize his website on the Internet, invests and earns money, the definition is quite understandable. But for people who have just started looking for a reliable partner to promote their resource, this definition raises many questions, for example:

Factors, influencing the position of the site, are conditionally divided into internal and external. On this principle operations on the site are divided.

  • Internal works include actions aimed at identifying and developing recommendations for the elimination of technical shortcomings that influence the indexation and positions of the site in the SERP. The main goal of the work with internal factors is to bring the technical components of the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines.
  • External work includes actions aimed at optimization and improvement the reference and other criteria, influencing the position of the site in the SERP. We should mention that the work with external factors also includes the analysis of the main competitors' sites for targeted inquiries and the identification of features of the search thematic niche.

Only an integrated approach to website promotion gives the desired positive effect and leads to a significant increase in the number of customers and visitors of the Internet resource.

Search engines and provide in free access the statistical information on search demand in Ukraine and online instruments to identify the most suitable words for the promotion. Correct selection of requests for promotion is one of the fundamental factors of a successful promotion strategy.

The list of thematic search queries for the site is usually called the "Semantic core".

Free search engine results page - in fact, is the search engine's response to a user's text query entered in the search string. At the same time, data on the operation of ranking algorithms are classified, and manipulation of search results entails lowering sanctions. Entrust the promotion of your site only to professionals!

The time interval required to achieve TOP positions on targeted search queries depends on a variety of criteria and is individual in each case. The position of the site in the search is influenced by both internal, technical factors, and external factors, which require time to be created.

On average, on condition of the implementation of recommended technical changes, the site takes the TOP position on the promoted search queries in 3-4 months after the beginning of work on its promotion.


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