Deleting negative reviews

Negative reviews reduces the level of trust in the company from the target audience. They cause a significant loss of profits. Every major company faces negative feedback. This is due to the increased probability of negative experiences. Permanent internal work will help to minimize the probability of their placement:

  • use of effective algorithms of interaction with clients;
  • quality control of the discharge of duties of employees of departments who are in contact with the target audience.

We can not exclude the possibility of placing customized negative reviews from competitors. Constant monitoring of the information field will help timely to identify and neutralize the negative effect caused by such actions.

Most negative reviews are posted on thematic sites, blogs and social networks. Search engines set a high priority of such sources, regarding them as authoritative. It means that negative reviews will appear on the first pages of the SERP. They will be surely seen by users who are looking for information about your company.

Do you want to prevent negative consequences caused by negative feedback on the Web? Use the services of SEO-Evolution. We offer a comprehensive approach and effective measures to protect your reputation on the Internet. 

Our services

Remove negative reviews from search engines

Monitor the appearance of new reviews

Negative processing - minimize its impact

Promote positive feedback in search engines

Stages of SERM and the nature of ``SEO-Evolution`` techniques

SERM - a set of measures to manage the reputation on the Web. They must be undertaken constantly to maintain and develop a positive brand image. Removal and neutralization of negative comments is one of the key tasks of SERM.

What 'SEO-Evolution' does:

  • data collection. We analyze negative feedback placed outside the customer's site. Our specialists will make a list of messages and articles subject to immediate removal;
  • choice of optimal tools for the implementation of tasks. It is possible to neutralize feedback (lower their position in the SERP below 40 places) in different ways;
  • communication with the resource owners and the authors who posted the reviews in order to find the best solution for their removal. Correction of the problem that caused this action;
  • blurring the negative message with well-written answers and suggestions. 'SEO-Evolution' specialists use the most delicate approach to avoid increasing the scale of the problem;
  • creation and placement of content (reviews), which can enhance the reputation of the company. Gradual filling of the Network with positive information will lower the positions of the ranking of negative reviews. This is relevant if they can not be influenced in other ways.

Experts of the company "SEO-Evolution" act as delicately as possible. Clients of our customers will not suspect the ordered nature of positive feedback. We use up-to-date information appropriate to reality. This eliminates the risk of exposure and the final drop in the level of trust to the customer.