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Do you want your site to be found by new users, add it to the bookmarks and become regular customers? You need high-quality Internet PR. It is individual for each resource. It is important to use the best tools, appropriate to the nature of the tasks and the features of the promoted web-site.

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Creating Reputation in the Internet

Internet PR - permanent work aimed at the formation of a positive reputation in the Network.

Regular informing, systematic improvement of functionality and optimization under the current trends contribute to increasing the availability of the site for the target audience . Competent representatives,who track new trends and have extensive experience in the field of Internet marketing, can implement this task.

A competent PR campaign will significantly improve the site indicators. It is necessary to work with external sources, facilitating the provision of information to potential customers, and optimize the processes occurring on the resource. They are simplified, increasing the comfort of accomplishing target actions.

PR in the Internet will help to choose the most preferable direction of the brand development on the Internet. It will increase the effectiveness of the resource and bring profit.

Advantages of PR on the Internet

Contact with the target audience

Increase in quoting

Increase in popularity

Create a positive image

Elements and stages of Internet PR

Providing PR services, we carry out a complex work:

  • We study the set tasks for forming the basis of the strategy for creating an attractive image of the site, services or products of the client;
  • We analyze the target audience. A competent Internet PR will give the client the opportunity to realize their needs. This contributes to a point influence on interested users;
  • We choose tools for PR, which will give the maximum effect. Modern technologies expand the range of possible solutions. The contextual advertising, newsletters, thematic publications, useful services on the promoted resource, feedback, work with social networks (including the creation of groups for attracting the target audience) contribute to the realization of these tasks;
  • We integrate the selected solutions and analyze their effectiveness. A competent PR campaign is flexible. It moves from the general to the concrete. We use the most effective tools. This helps to save time and money for the customer;
  • We work with the site. The resource must provide the potential client with the opportunity to perform the target action. We will optimize the site, guided by the nature of the tasks.

Each PR campaign can pursue 1 or more goals:

  • formation and strengthening of the image;
  • attracting TA;
  • providing up-to-date and useful information about the company's work;
  • creation of a niche for the provision of innovative products, services, solutions;
  • sales growth;
  • formation of customer preferences in favor of the company's products and services.

Feedback, interaction with customers and timely response to incoming requests have an increased importance. We will create algorithms that will increase the conversion and confidence in your site.

"SEO-Evolution" will offer topical, effective solutions at reasonable prices.


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