Site output from the filters Google and Yandex

The site hit by search engine filters (lowering sanctions) is very rarely a consequence of changes in ranking algorithms. As practice shows, sites are penalized for the following reasons:

  1. Attempts to manipulate search engine bots, in order to get higher positions for targeted users' requests, without proper experience and qualifications.

  2. The actions of unscrupulous competitors are no less common reason for the appearance of lowering sanctions. The purpose of which is to destroy your business on the Internet!

Examples of actions that can lead to the imposition of a filter are: mass purchase of links, twisting behavioral factors, availability of technical problems on the site, etc.

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Steps to output the site from under the filter

The first stage of the work is complex audit of the site.

This stage of the work combines:

  • Technical audit of the site - work on the analysis of the technical component of the site, for compliance with the requirements of search engines.

  • Audit of the reference mass - work on the analysis of the reference mass of the site for the density of keywords and qualitative characteristics of donor sites.

  • Audit of the text part of the site - checking the resource for the density of keywords, the presence of hidden texts and the correctness of their design.

The second stage is the identification of possible causes of the imposition of a downward filter.

The reasons are not always obvious, often the sanctions of search engines are the consequence of the combined influence of several factors. Therefore, it is important to identify all possible violations in order to exclude the possibility of error and ensure the achievement of the desired result as soon as possible.

The third stage is the preparation of recommendations for the elimination of detected shortcomings.

This stage is declarative, because, at the time of its implementation, the main reasons are already known, and possible ways of elimination have been worked out by our specialists much earlier.

Terms of the withdrawal of the site from under the filters

The approximate term for solving the problem with lowering sanctions depends on the seriousness of the violation, which was fixed by the search engine and the subject matter of the resource.

On average, the withdrawal of the site from under the filter takes about 3 months.

If you face a similar problem, do not delay with its solution! Contact the professionals as soon as possible!