Complex site audit

Promotion of Internet projects by different methods is only a small part of the work visible to clients.

It is not enough just to bring potential customers to the site through various promotion methods and Internet advertising. The main task is to create such a project, which will be able to sell goods as much as possible and provide services to everyone wishing.

To achieve the desired effect is possible only in the case of a comprehensive analysis of the site.

This analysis allows you to study fully all the hidden resources and shortcomings of the project, understand by what methods and, approximately, in what timeframe the work will be carried out to improve the site's indicators, identify competitors, find "chips" on the basis of which they were able to get ahead and, having worked them out , to create the most correct scheme of actions.

The task of marketing specialists of Seo-Evolution company is to raise the recognition of the client's brand, conduct practical work and provide recommendations - "marketing plan for the project development".

Advantages of complex audit

Full site analysis

Monitoring of all aspects of the resource

A voluminous list of recommendations

Maximal tight deadlines

Stages of work on complex site audit

Integrated audit - a list of activities carried out by our specialists. It means:

1. Technical audit of the site.

This type of audit explores the site from its technical side. The problems in the site code that affect the speed and performance of the site are identified, the hardware needs of the site are determined. Technical specialists carefully and scrupulously identify even the slightest problems that can influence the speed and efficiency of the client's site.

2. Marketing analysis of the project.

It is the identification of objective and subjective reasons for the insolvency of the site, offer of alternative options for maintaining the project as a whole or its parts. Marketing regulates:

  • The quality of the content submission, its appropriateness at one time or another;

  • Correctness of communication with customers;

  • Logistics and other moments, influencing the final result.

In case if there are marketers in the company of the client, our specialists are connected to their group and define the distortions with fresh eyes, providing recommendations on the changes in the processes. Seo Evolution marketers will offer tools to customize marketing policy within the client's company.

3. Deep search audit.

This type of audit is conducted to identify the reasons why the site is not yet in the top 3 search engines. Queries are analyzed, by which you can raise the site in search results Google and Yandex. This work in the company is done by SEO specialists who analyzed a large number of different Internet resources and developed techniques that allow them to confidently put forward the projections of the timing of website promotion on the Internet.

When the search audit is completed, the client is provided with a document that describes:

  • A semantic core on the subject of the project;

  • A selection of Title and Description landing pages;

  • Suggestions for writing texts on promoted pages or already ready-made texts written by content managers.

4. Usability audit.

It is the identification of segments that cause difficulties for customers during the interaction with the site, providing the suggestions for changes on the site, allowing you to build logical chains leading to the goal.

Often what seems to the site's management to be logical and understandable is not so for more clients.

5. Analysis of major competitors.

It means analysis of the main competitors in SERP before the client's site.

Only a detailed analysis of competitors can reveal the moments on which it is necessary to make the maximum accent.

Analysis of the competitive environment will lead to future minimization of costs for certain types of advertising and building the right strategy for the development of the Internet resource.